Our own Julie Koidin, whose delightful flute I'm listening to as I write this, teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Paulinho Garcia (yes, he's Brazilian) and recorded the CD 'Carinhoso' (independent), which combines choro with MPB and canciones -- all imbued with an ambience of intimacy, ease, and unmistakable brasilidade. Julie,
as it turns out, has studied with every who's who of the choro flute: Altamiro Carrilho, Andrea Ernest Dias, Dirceu Leitte, and Carlos Poyares, among others. She performed on stage with Altamiro Carrilho, Mauricio Carrilho & Pedro Amorim, and played in many rodas de choro with aces like Ronaldo do Bandolim, Marco de Pinna, Paulo Sergio Santos, Carlos Poyares, Alvaro Carrilho, and Leonardo Miranda, to name a few.

The above should be sufficient to give you an idea of Julie's credentials. This CD clearly demonstrates her mastery of the idiom. Her partner Paulinho possesses a very pleasant voice (which on occasion is reminiscent of Gilberto Gil's) and does justice to the sung tunes in addition to providing tasteful guitar accompaniments. Particularly enjoyable are the interplays between flute and voice and flute and guitar. The repertoire is nicely varied while maintaining a structural unity and a natural flow:

*This is the first time I've seen Braguinha's real name used in the credit rather than his artistic name João de Barro.

Balm for the soul. --

Daniella Thompson- Saudades do Brasil